Scholarship Holders in Year 2020

Federal Directorate of Education proudly launches the IRAS for result announcement of Middle Standard (Scholarships) Examination and Centralized Annual Examination Class-V
Interactive Result Announcement System (IRAS) provides the following features:-
Intelligent Searching within complete Result Gazette
Top 10,25,50 & 100 can be filter with one click
Intelligent filters can be used for proper dissemination of information
Interactive sorting filters can be used with Roll No., Name, Specific Subject, Marks Obtained and Institution
* Provisional List of  Scholarship Holders Subject to Modification/Revision after completion of Rechecking Process

Note: After click please wait for a moment to load Interactive Result Announcement System (IRAS) on your computer or mobile.

Centralized Annual Examination Class -5,  2020


Middle Standard (Scholarships) Examination, 2020